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Atashi is our inspiration to make a difference in the lives of women and families impacted by ovarian cancer. Atashi lived her life with love and grace, and passed away peacefully, and with dignity, to end her year-long battle with ovarian cancer. Through simple but lasting acts of kindness, she supported her friends, family and beyond, all her life and left us with the legacy to serve those impacted by ovarian cancer. Atashi’s spirit lives on through this foundation. Ovarcome is inspired by the simple philosophy of support, love, and celebration of life. Our dream is a world that is free from the scourge of cancer.


Our Mission: To raise global awareness, to fund research in search of a cure, and to provide financial support to underserved women in the U.S. as well as developing nations in their valiant fight against ovarian cancer.

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Support Survivors

Survivors and patient need support, access to latest information and treatment options.

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Fund Research

Greater resources and more breakthrough ovarian cancer research is needed to impact early detection, novel treatments and patient survival.

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Raise Awareness

Ovarian cancer has no reliable screening or detection. In the absence of a test, awareness is best. More hands-on deck needed to make noise and stand up against ovarian cancer.

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Partner & Advocate

Together, we can Overcome. More passionate advocates are needed to come together, press for change and give ovarian cancer the attention it deserves.

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